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new to the food industry

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Hi there! 

I am an Event Coordinator for a country club in Illinois. We don't have the restaurant open, but we do private banquets and event. I have a chef that comes in for these. Although, sometimes it is hard to get a hold of him. 

I'm not just in charge of the banquets set up, i  also have to make the menu for that event and order the food.  

I have absolutely NO restaurant experience. Since working banquets here, I bus now and then and will tend bar sometimes, but that's about it. 

Does anyone have any advice to make creating menus for clients easier and low cost? 

Thank you!
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The previous event coordinator did all of the ordering and menu planning as well. she used to be a server before that, so they assumed that i could be trained for this. I went with it because in my area, there are very few jobs that are higher than $10/hr and this pays well.

It has been a huge learning process, and i don't feel as if it is correct for me to do it. but I am not provided the resources to learn accurately and it is hard for me to promote the banquet space and do the food. But it is the only option i have, right now, unfortunately.  
That's the hardest part!  Since I have not had any education in food cost and where it needs to be, I'm lost. I've asked my chef and he said about 33%, but others i have spoke with have said 23%.  The owner of the building says he would like to cost at 33%,though in this area, that is a high cost per person. Not many people are willing to pay. I made a menu throughout this past December and the brides that have weddings next year have chosen off of it, and seem to be happy with their choice. but it is fewer weddings than I hoped. 

The authority I maintain is not too much. I'm in charge of making sure the chef shows up, wait staff, etc. But in regards to hiring/firing, I am not in charge of. It has happened where my chef did not show up and I ended up cooking the breakfast for the company meeting of 30 guests. I surprisingly did an OK job! I was proud of myself at least and there weren't any complaints. But nothing happened to that chef since that incident and i don't have any authority to do anything. 

I just smile and try and do my job the best I can, because I do enjoy the 'event coordinating' portion of it, i am not a fan of dealing with food!
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That is also what i was think Foodpump!  It confuses me. 

I would like to thank everyone for their input and advice! I feel like we are all on the same wavelength. I will keep trying to convince them to go to a caterer since this isn't something i think I could handle in the long-run. 
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