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So a few days ago I post this on Facebook:

"Ouch. I may have overdone yesterday's walk, taking a bit too brisk of a pace. I need to ease my flabby old ass into exercise. My last couple of wheel chair trips this evening brought to light some pain in my shins and ankles. Drat.

But I shall carry on with wanting to get more exercise and lose some weight. After the walk yesterday I stopped by a local Target store and spent twenty some dollars on a new fancy shmancy digital bathroom scale. So now I know that my lose a pound a week goal starts out with a baseline of 249.6 lbs.

While at the store I also poked around the kitchen appliance section. The Hamilton Beach slow cooker sous vide unit has come down in price, 100 bucks. I may consider buying myself a birthday present, if I can find the room to store it. Sous vide cooking could be interesting."

And then one morning this box shows up on our front porch:

The people I first thought of who would be so nice all claim innocence, it wasn't them. So now I'll wonder who the mysterious benefactor might be. And do some cooking in the mean time.

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