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New Toy

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I have been wanting a dedicated smoker for a while but could not justify the cost for something that would only get occasional use and I could duplicate on my stick burner but with lots of time spent monitoring the fire/temp.

Malwart had these on sale over Labor Day marked down about $75 with free shipping, could not pass that up!

Digital control panel for time, temp and probe temp.

A couple of butts for the maiden voyage. Nice bark and good and smokey. 12 hrs @ 225 with applewood.

Friend brought me this nice little hen, grilled one side for dinner and smoked the other.

Dry salt and brown sugar brine for two hrs, smoked with applewood @ 225 for just under two hrs.

I used a 50/50 salt sugar brine. A bit salty but not overly and drew out too much water. Not dry but could be a bit more moist for my taste, next time will do 2:1 salt sugar should be perfect. Good snacks for the Seattle/Green Bay game tonight!.

I have a #15lb Angus brisket sitting in the fridge wet aging, next week will be around 60 days since packing, should be about ready.
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