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Hi Everyone. I have been on this forum off and on for a while, and have found it helpful so I finally joined! I am an American who has lived in South Africa for the past 5 years. Just graduated from culinary school and am moving back to the USA. I am on the lookout for any job opportunities that include farm to table, emphasis on heritage/heirloom produce and/or technique, and/or the establishment just cares about where their stock comes from! Pretty rare here in SA. I am very flexible in terms of location- anywhere if it is the right opportunitity. Thanks to everyone who participates on the forum, and looking forward to learning more.
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@mlorencz sounds like an interesting opportunity for which you are in search. I would think you could do some good networking here to, hopefully, fill your need. You may want to take a look in on the Professional Chefs forum to pick some brains and offer your skill set. Best of luck!
Hi and welcome we are really glad you joined. We encourage all culinary students to post a review of their school so if you'd be willing to do that let me know and I can set your culinary school up in our database. let us know if you have any questions about how to use the forums were happy to help
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