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Hello! I'm in the process of setting up a small at home catering business due to high demand (I've done a lot of family/friends parties, cricket and funeral teas, that kind of thing) but due to my experience I'm unsure what you do about delivery and stuff when you don't know the person.

What do you do in terms of delivery? When do you get there to set up and what kind of trays do you use? What do you do about hot food? (I have a small Bain Marie and a couple of slow cookers and I want it all self-serve as theres only me!) 

Most importantly, do you pick up your trays after the event? If so, do you hang around in case you're needed or do you come back to collect it all?

Sorry, i know theres a lot but i'm coming in blind here!

Any help and answers would be greatly appreciated!
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