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No more dupes!!

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Hey chefs and cooks!
I just landed the job I've been chasin for a while now and its a huge but positive challenge in many ways.
First off, this restaurant gets some pretty high volume compared to anything I've ever been a part of as of yet, and for the first time, I'm working the station I've been after since the beginning, which is Sauté.
I'd always been used to getting my own tickets on whatever station I've worked, but at this restaurant, the only person getting tickets is our wheel guy or line expo or what have you.
I was wondering if anyone could share some advice, stories, or anything that might help me assimilate to this. The safety blanket of my own ticket rail has been lifted and I am depending on my own organizational skills and memory now. Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!
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Always call backs. repeat out load what was just called to you. this always helped me. and don't be afraid to ask, what is my lead? what is my all day? 

Vocalizing tickets always helped me remember, and usually helps the other line cooks. 
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