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Normally discarded material?

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I'm always interested in chefs who use normally discarded matierial like, stems, roots, skins, bones, etc to cook with and flavor their dishes. What do you do?
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well there are so many things that are usable waste, e.g:

Bones for stock
Meat trimmings for mince
Cilantro roots for thai curries/guacomole etc
Parsley stalks for mirepoix
root veg offcuts for mirepoix
Onions offcuts for mirepoix
onion skins for brown stocks/demiglas
imperfect berris for coulis/fruit glazes
Bacon fat for terrines/pates
Rendered bacon fat for frying/soup flavours
Egg shells for brown stocks(helps to clarify)
Old bread for bread and butter puddings

Plenty more from where that came from.

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