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Nutrition for Kids!

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Here is an idea for you. How about offering food for kids? Ask my daughter what she wants to eat at McDonalds and do you know what she'll say? Toys! She said she "don't like McDonalds mommy, I like toys". So Im spending money on mcnuggets so she can have toys.

I also know a few couples with kids who dont go out to restaurants because the restaurants dont have anything to kids. I personnally make mud pies with Graham Crackers and Lite Chocolate pudding garnished with a gummy worm for dessert. The kids love it. Then there is green eggs and ham for breakfast. Im sure we can come up with some good stuff for kids to eat. And if the kids will eat the parents will come. Im sure you know how many people have kids in this country, and as parents Im also sure you know that sometimes we really DONT WANNA COOK!

We also bring our kids into the diner with us. So the parents see that we are really ok with having their kids so now they are coming in and recommending us to friends. We'll even babysit if they have to go to the bathroom and their kids have someone to talk and play with so the parents can eat. We also have toys their to distract the little ones if mommy forgets.

Think of the possibilities. :bounce:

Taking all suggestions.
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Hi, Shawty -

Another fun to-do for the kiddies is 'worms n' dirt'. Layer of vanilla ice cream, layer of crushed oreos (dirt), layer of vanilla ice cream, layer of crushed oreos, and gummy worms on top!

Also fruit pizza - Make a sugar cookie dough, and spread it on a round pizza pan and bake. ((I've even been known to use that dough in a roll thingie:D ). Mix up some cream cheese with a little powdered sugar, orange juice and zest, and spread it over the baked 'pizza'. Then use sliced fruit of your choice to top the pizza, and drizzle with chocolate syrup!
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