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It's a rare treat that my wife and I get to go out for dinner on a week night (let alone the weekends)

After spending three days in the big apple with her sister and my two girls, Jill and her sister Janice and I went out for a couple drinks and some chow (girls with inlaws :))

Sono has a very hip feel to it with lots of restaurants and modern bars (all have the big open window in front).

Ocean drive is a double tiered ultra modern, yet refined and comfortable place. Not many restaurants have a huge Chihuly hand hung piece glowing in the middle of the main room (I love chihuly)

Sea food is the word here,
Ceder salmon
blackned swordfish with sweet potato-chorizo hash, macadamia salad and honey basil drizzel
Mahogany sea bass (thats a no no) with a miso glaze, wasabi mashed potatoes, bok choy and crimini mushrooms.
Spicey "Thai" bouillabaise
ahi tuna au poive

and a few more, plus some black angus with smoked tomato BBq.

Well we settled into a booth (private :)) with it's own curtian for privacy.

Kettle one martini for me, cosmo for the wife, and absolut with a tart apple liquer for Janice.

We shared a trio of tuna apps, recommended by our server Kelly (she was excellent and did the kitchen proud) new everything in all the dishes.

the trio consisted of
Fresh tuna tartare with blackned scallops and a citrusy ginger oil
Seared Cha-Cha tuna with mango-black bean salsa, tortilla straws (strips) and lobster oil, and Tuna sashimi with white and black sesame seeds for texture and a excellent seaweed salad.

I also ordered a special of tuna carpaccio wrapped around blue point oysters with a Ponzo glaze, all placed back in the oyster shell.

All the apps were excellent and super fresh with great texture.
Next came another round of drinks :)

we decided just to go with some salads for our mains.
I had a goat cheese and arugula salad (panko breaded and fried goat cheese served warm) nice, but they forgot the dressing :(
Kelly ran to the kitchen and got the dressing for me, a sweet roasted shallot vinaigrette.

Jill had a caeser salad (no great shakes, but good)
Janice had a "chopped greek salad with olives, cucumbers, feta watercress and sherry vinaigrette.
No good (for me anyway) it was just mesclun with the standard Americanized version of a Greek salad. no lemon flavor to be seen.

so, skip the salads and do apps and share.

2 cocktails each
the shared Tuna platter (alot of stuff)
The special Tuna
three salads

before tip. not cheap by any means, but very good (baring the salads).

2 1/2 capes :chef:

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The stuff you liked sounded really good! And since I'm used to NYC prices, the $ wasn't bad at all. I think my hubby passes through there on his way back from a client. So, should I plan on meeting him there sometime?

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If you ever come north to meet hubby, please let me know so I can show you around.


Yes..I would go back, I think it's a fun place for funky apps and tasty libations.

After the little one arrives, the oysters are on me :)
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