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Octopus Instant pot

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Anyone knows how long to pressure-cook octopus in Instant pot? Do you cover the protein completely in liquid?
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That is what I used LOL! I think I blew it when I took the octopus out of the fluid to cool. I noticed it was very tender when I opened it to check it. When I dressed it and refrigerated it got tuff !
@surfcast this is a great idea I never thought of using my Instapot for pressure cooking octopus. Can you report back with details on how long you pressure cooked, what settings (high, low) and how long did you let it natural release and how long did you do a manual release? Pics to. :D
@phatch that is a great resource thanks for sharing.
I put mine in a dutch oven dry and the amount of liquid that comes is amazing. Makes a great sauce too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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