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Olive oil has good fat in it, so I'm sure that aspect is good. But they can contain a lot of salt, something most of us get far too much of every day. They are rather rich in calories, so I'd be aware of that.

She could be choosing worse foods to indulge in!

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1 ounce olive:

33 calories
78% from fat
20% from carbohydrates
2% from protein

3g fat
247mg sodium
2mg potassium
2g carbohydrate
1g dietary fibre
25mg calcium
1mg iron

1114 iu vitamin A
11.5 re vitamin A

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i.u = International Units

BTW according to Atheneus ( the original, not me ) olives are very bad for health.

In our days we know that they are very good for health.

I' ll tell you something Kate.

Greece used to be a very poor BUT olive and olive -oil producing country.

Generations of Greeks grew up eating mostly olives and bread for lunch because they had nothing else to eat ... and I am serious now.
As you propably know, Greece has the highest rates in longevity and very low rates of cancer.
After years of studies, scientists believe that olives and olive-oil is responsible for this miracle!

If your everyday life involves physical work and you sweat a lot , the salty olives will do you very good. Trust me! :)

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That is very good to know. I just started culinary school and I am sweating my butt off!
My chef for american regional cuisine has already made it clear he does not like olives! :rolleyes:

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He doesn't like olives, or he doesn't like eating olives? Either way, it's his personal bias. Maybe he should try some California olives, grown near the grapevines out in California, or purchase some American olive oil. They can't be all bad with all that fat! :)

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