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On Dutch Oven (preheating and alternatives)

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Hi guys,

An absolute beginner here. Tried googling for the answer but I couldn't find any, so here I am.

I want to start learning how to cook and I'm using Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Chef as a guide. The first recipe calls for the use of Dutch oven to cook Osso "Buko".

He mentioned to preheat the dutch oven to 350 Fahrenheit. How do I do this? Put it on a stove top or into the oven? How do I check the temperature to make sure it's 350F?

If I have a stock pot with a glass lid, can I use it to substitute Dutch oven?

Thank you!

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I just posted in your thread re purchasing an oven.
Paired with this thread I have a suggestion for you.

You want to learn to cook.
From what info I was able to gather from your posts you may need to take a few basic classes.
No need to go all out and enroll in a culinary school.
Look around in your area for some classes.
There is an adult learning center that offers beginner cooking classes ( as well as a host of other hobbies)
Don't have the catalog at hand but try .
I do know they offer learning experiences in lots of different cities.


edit... I always forget about YouTube .
A wealth of information at the tip of your fingers!
Any day, any time!

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This is my standard gift to kids going off to college, getting first apartment, 4H food and nutrition contest prizes.......


Good basic recipes and techniques.
Personally, just not a fan of Bittman's work. I've had way too many failures from his recipes and also dislike his writing style.
I have read more than a few reviews along those same lines, phatch.
But when there are a zillion reviews on something I expect to come across some bad in with the good.
The kids always give me glowing reports.
They esp like having recipes that can be easily changed into another dish with the addition of a few ingredients.
Maybe I will borrow my daughter's copy and give it a whirl.
What recipes did you have problems with?
May have to find a new "first" cookbook to gift.

I get it.
Most of these kids know their way around a pit (they are Texans after all lol) and can run a toaster.
Obviously their moms have taught them good manners re gifts.
Have pity on me and supply a few titles.
Under $50........

Nuf said.
I am glad this subject came up and you guys took the time to educate me.
Oh Lordy am I gonna be embarrassed this summer.
I will be seeing quite a few of those "kids" (some all grown up with families of their own) at our annual 4th of July get together.
Will prolly just buy a stack of decent CBs to hand around to those unlucky enuf to have received Bittman's CB instead of a Halmark card with some cash tucked inside lol.
Or offer to buy them back?


I will have to hunt down those videos and get a peek .
Soy sauce ? That and butter. Really?????

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