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On Dutch Oven (preheating and alternatives)

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Hi guys,

An absolute beginner here. Tried googling for the answer but I couldn't find any, so here I am.

I want to start learning how to cook and I'm using Tim Ferriss' 4 Hour Chef as a guide. The first recipe calls for the use of Dutch oven to cook Osso "Buko".

He mentioned to preheat the dutch oven to 350 Fahrenheit. How do I do this? Put it on a stove top or into the oven? How do I check the temperature to make sure it's 350F?

If I have a stock pot with a glass lid, can I use it to substitute Dutch oven?

Thank you!

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Nuf said.
I am glad this subject came up and you guys took the time to educate me.
Oh Lordy am I gonna be embarrassed this summer.
I will be seeing quite a few of those "kids" (some all grown up with families of their own) at our annual 4th of July get together.
Will prolly just buy a stack of decent CBs to hand around to those unlucky enuf to have received Bittman's CB instead of a Halmark card with some cash tucked inside lol.
Or offer to buy them back?


I will have to hunt down those videos and get a peek .
Soy sauce ? That and butter. Really?????

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Soy sauce ? That and butter. Really?????
Yeah, on an olive-oil-brushed steak that was left 8mn per side on a hot grill? That doesn't even sound good. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gif
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I'm not a sir and yes I've looked through the book. It's not a good cookbook by any stretch of the imagination.
I actually don't hate Bittman. He's not the cb author to look to for technique, but I do pull out How to Cook Everything pretty often when I'm stuck and need to get something on the table in a relative hurry. I also really liked his Minimalist column in the Times.

I like his "you can do this" approach and the many alternative takes he gives on basic dishes by changing up combinations of seasonings, etc. The food is fresh and generally edible and he encourages experimentation in a non-threatening way.  There are a few dishes in one of his other books that I make pretty often. It may even be the book that Phatch dislikes so much. Kitchen Express is fast dishes but it really isn't meant for beginning cooks and I think he says so in the intro. They do usually take longer than the promised 20 minutes.

Now, that food show with Bittman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mario Batali and Penelope Cruz I found unbearable. Penelope Cruz was the only one on the screen I could stand to watch.
I don't know the book, but miss The Minimalist episodes on NYT. I can't get to like Melissa Clark.
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