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Hi there,

I am opening our 4th restaurant in the company, the largest one so far. We are an upscale tapas restaurant (means 45 menu items with some extra work for plating).

Bcause of some minor construction mistakes the health department didnt approve so i have been set back and instead of having 2 full weeks to train my brigade now i have 4 days and the 5th day is the friends and family dinner.

I have finished hiring staff and scheduling menus also organized and cleaned the kitchen.

The thing is because i am new in the city I dont know any of the cooks and dont really know yet there strengths or even if they are what they are. And bringing staff from the other locations is not an option cause of the distance. I only have the help of one of the chefs of the other locations (who i know) to help for the training.

My question is what would you do during these 4 days to actually be able to get everyone to speed?

I was thinking day 1 devoted to prep and the rest three just keep on cooking till the servers explode from eating that much food.

(oh we are 200 seats, and 22 people brigade, including my self and 4 dishwashers)
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