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So far, the only problem I see here is your lack of seating. 55 isn't much at all. Your average ticket price needs to be pretty high because you won't be turning your tables in 45 minutes. For fine dining restaurants it's something like 2.5 hours. Two seatings and it'll be 10pm. By that time most people are gorging themselves on wings and beer at the local watering hole. Your main concern is how you're going to get this many people to pay a certain price at a particular time. This ain't Wayne's World. Just because you build it doesn't mean they'll come.

You need to be really careful when dreaming. Many bistro "deluxe" style restaurants with 50 seats run with the chef/owner, a cook, and one DMO. The wife does the FOH with a coupla servers. Daughter helps on weekends.

So let's see the numbers. Might as well try to shoot you down.

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