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Cook, you're location sounds a bit like where I live, if not where I do live. (Northern Michigan).

Here's a bit of advice about dealing with the skiing in the winter, and the tourists in the summer.

Follow the crowds. They are your bread and butter. Consider closing in the off season for a couple months. Clean the place, then get ready for the next season.

You'd be foolish to not look at local cuisine items for your menu. For instance, if your area is known for deer hunting in the fall, put Venison on your menu. If you have a local winery, put their wines on your menu. If there's a favorite or local ice cream shop, put their ice cream on your menu.... etc., etc., etc....

With your limited seating capacity, you'll need to consider catering to keep your numbers in balance.

Liquor license? If not, then consider it. Vactioners and tourists want their alcohol when they're on vacation. There's no other reason why my town has 11 bars and only 4,000 people year round.

There's all kinds of other things I could go into, but these are just the start. I live in a tourist area. We survive on our tourists, and beleive me.... you'll need to, too!

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