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I just made lunch...and dinner....and breakfast tommorrow! I love soup and chili and stews. I originally wanted to make beef chili but had no beef on hand so I went with chicken...I had some sweet potatoes sitting around and thought they'd be a great addition.

So I started with the black beans using the quick soak method.

Saluted an onion diced, garlic, Rosemary, sage. When they were browning I covered with beef broth and let them simmer while I sliced the tomatoes. Added those then peeled and diced the sweet potatoes and added them. Lastly added some tumeric, peper, brown sugar, and of course a lil spicey sauce cause chilis gotta make your sinuses run (;

I let that goodness cook for about 2 hours and then cooked up some chicken thighs. Shredded them in the blender and set aside, blended lightly the tomatoe and sweet potatoe sauce witch is SO DELICIOUS! Then drained the beans and added everything together and BAM. Here it is

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