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I'm looking at attending culinary school. Have to stay in Orlando so my choices are Orlando Culinary Academy which is a CEC school afiliated with Le Cordon Bleu or Valencia a local community college. Both seem like great places to learn.
  • OCA is a lot more expensive
  • OCA has the Le Cordon Bleu program
  • I can finish sooner at OCA
As you can tell, I'm leaning towards OCA. I'm 40 and this will be a total career change. I'm a programmer by education and an entrepreneur at heart. Thanks to the Internet boom I can afford OCA. Not sure what I'm going to do when I get the degree. I just know I love cooking and want to continue to learn. I paid for college (the first go around) waiting tables so I've spent considerable time in restaurants, getting totally in the weeds, yelled at by the chef, and generally enjoying it all the same. Not quite the same as working in the kitchen but I'm not entering this having no clue what it's like.

I've read every post here I can find about culinary schools and expectations when graduating so I'm set there. Mainly just interested in folks thoughts about the OCA or community college route.
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