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Oven Advice For Cookie Business

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Hi everyone! I started a small cookie business last year in Buffalo, NY. I want to do a large farmer's market this year, but would need a much bigger, faster oven, and also a bigger mixer. Currently I have the 8 quart Kitchen Aid mixer, which works great, but obviously limited in the amount of batter you can make.  I have an LG electric convection oven, but again, it takes me about 30 minutes to cook 36 very large cookies! Any suggestions of a "semi industrial" oven and mixer. I'd like to keep cooking in my house, as I can't afford a shop yet. Do I buy new, used? There are so many used ovens, and I have limited knowledge on what is solid, good bargain, etc. As far as the oven, if I could even fit 3 full cookie sheets in it, that would be a huge improvement in efficiency..  Thanks in advance! Des Curran
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Hi Des, my family owned a Hobart Mixer and as far as I remember it was a very good product with a large capacity. I suggest you look for a used Hobart mixer. I wish you success in your projects. Amanda
Thanks so much!! Any advice for an oven that might work in a basement in my house? Des
I would suggest a double wall convection oven. I am able to bake 3 sets of cookies in each oven in under 15 minutes, you do have to shuffle the cookie trays though half way through.
When you decide to purchase an oven that can fit full size sheet pans, you are also going to have to have it inspected by the local health department of you intend to sell the cookies for a business. You're going to have to have exhaust vents and fans and a slew of other things as well.
Has to be something better then what I have. It takes me 32 minutes to bake 36 cookies right now! 
I'used the restaurant supply houses around me (I live in Colorado) and have had great success buying used ( read cheap and good) equipment and not all states or counties require inspections for farmers market type businesses you can get electric convection ovens that can sit on counter or stand and hold up to fifteen full sheet pans locally about four grand used and twenty plus quart mixers relatively cheap just be aware that these large mixer are HEAVY! Hope this helps
Awesome man, don't need inspection for farmer's market here! What might be a convection oven brand to suggest?  Counter sounds good! Des Curran
I would recommend volrath .Vulcan. Or blodgett I've used all of these and like blodgette best reasonably priced and cheap to maintain
Awesome man, don't need inspection for farmer's market here!
I get it now....

Cottage baker?

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