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I am thinking about making individual cakes...little squares or cake sandwiches that can be eaten individually.

I was inspired by this baker's Flickr photos.
As you can see, her cakes come in triangle shapes (cut from squares most likely) and she has neatly wrapped her cake in clear packaging. I find this very cute and innovative, however, I am wondering how she did this. Does anyone know just by looking at the photos?

What kind of wrapping is she using in the photos and what kind of adhesive would have to be applied to keep the wrapping in place where the folds meet? Where could I get such material suitable for edibles?

How long could cakes be stored in such packaging if they were on store/market shelves? Would they have to be refrigerated in the packaging? Would certain cake batters be better than others for longevity in this sort of packaging?

Any advice would be helpful.
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