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I printed out the discussion we had on this before. Here's a qoute from Angry.

"Here's a little tip to try when you start testing Momoregs' recipe: Sift in with the flour about 15-18% vanilla pudding mix, about 1.5 oz. I started doing this after that discussion we had had on wanting the moistness and the texture of "box mix" but wanting a scratch recipe. I'm still finalizing my recipe, but I can tell you that my cakes are so much moister and softer with the addition of the pudding powder. I haven't tried it yet with a butter cake recipe but I am sure it will work."

Lotus the standard formula with mixes (that I understand) is 1 box mix to 1 small box instant pudding(4 oz. I believe). If you read published recipes using this formula they then call the cake a bundt or pound cake because the pudding makes the cake denser and moister then mix alone. The cake doctor book is pretty much a take-off from Duncan Heines, who's been publishing variations to their mixes for years and years.
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