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I wouldn't spend a whole lot of money on a new set of pans just because you ought a newwave. Unfortunately it's probably not going to last too long.
But IF you're going to buy stainless for a lifetime of use or if you're going to get a better indution top, good stainless pans are going to last a lifetime as long as they are not non-stick.
When you look at a pan, country of origin is NOT a factor. craftsmanship IS. There are some great products coming out of all countries and just because Emeril is from china does not mean a thing. It IS a good quality cheap pan.. As much as I HATE celebrity cookware the Emeril line IS pretty decent.
Analon also makes a pretty good cheap induction ready set. I own some now and like them alot. I got them from the JB house and if it's good enough for the very best chefs in the US, it's good enough for an old semi retired sous.

Those new wave pans are absolute garbage and will cease to be nonstick quickly. They probably already don't heat evenly. I've seen them and tried them. They are cheap junk. Just give them to goodwill.

When you replace your newwave, don't give up on induction just because you had a poor or mediocre experience.
 Look at Max Burton, or Waring Commercial (and the duxtop isn't too bad and is a good value for the dollar). I'm not talking just wattage (1300 vs 1800) I'm talking about durability and reliability. Look at the fans, look at the coils. NO COMPARISON. It's like comparing a vitamix or a blendtec to a magic bullet.
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