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Panna Cotta Problems (NZ)

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I've just started a new job as a pastry and prep chef at a restaurant that is opening soon so I've been in for a couple shifts to try out things.

The head chef gave me a recipe for panna cotta, it didn't set, he changed it up, and it didn't set again and he's blaming my technique rather than his recipe which I think is the problem.

These are all New Zealand ingredients.

First it was

750ml cream, 0.5 cup sugar, 1.5 leaves gelatin. Didn't work.

Next we tried 750ml cream, 150ml milk, 0.5 cup sugar, 2 leaves gelatin.

Heat liquid and sugar, steep flavour, bloom gelatin and dissolve in liquid that's cooled for 30 mins (but still warm), pot up.

He wants a really soft set panna cotta but he's blaming me rather than his recipe which I think is the problem, not enough gelatin, but I'm scared to make it again and have another stuff up.

I'm thinking take the second with the milk but use 5 or 6 leaves gelatin?

My only other job as a pastry chef was for 6 months about 2-3 years ago.
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My panna cotta recipe uses three leaves of gelatin to set 3 cups of cream/milk which is equivalent to 750 ml. So the recipes you were using were definitely deficient on the amount of gelatin needed for the panna to set. As long as you're not bringing the gelatin to a boil in any way during your preparation process, it's nothing that you're doing wrong. Except I'm not exactly sure if your sheets of gelatin are fully dissolving by adding it to a fairly lukewarm liquid. To be on the safe side, I would bloom the gelatin and heat it gently to dissolve, then add it to the cream mixture.  Bottom line though, is you need more gelatin. 3 sheets at least for your amount of cream. 
Hey, @Luc_H, you know  which forum you're posting on, right? The professional pastry chef's forum? 
I typically use at least 4-5 for 750.
I do that too, @panini, but the OP said they like a super soft I just went with that.
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