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Parchment paper, is this stuff great

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I always lined my baking sheets with aluminum foil but no matter how much cooking spray used everything would stick. Never got any type of meat off with out leaving breading behind or tearing foil stuck to meat. Today figured I'll give parchment paper a try and wow! Nothing stuck to it. Pork chops and chicken cults slipped right off leaving nothing behind. This is great stuff all right but I see bleached or unbleached, does it matter? Is there a difference in brands? Have a corning outlet store close by so bought 2 rolls made by beyond gourmet, 71 sq ft.
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Parchment paper is a miracle product. You will never make a cookie, biscuit, or roasted vegetable again without going for it. I only use the unbleached parchment paper so I can recycle it. I'm not sure whether it can be put in the compost or not.

I remember discovering parchment paper and my baking and some cooking exploits have been much better since. Enjoy!
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