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Pasta for 250 (1st Timer)

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1st Attempt to cook for crowd.

Alfredo (Side dish)
Main ingredients in recipe I want to use:

1/2 C Butter
2 C Cream
1/4 C Parmesan Cheese
12 oz. Fettuccine

Recipe says will serve 3 as an entree. (I am serving as a side dish)

Please help me determine exact amounts of each ingredient for 250 people.
I made one batch and it seems like a LOT more than 3.

Also, because of prep and serving I thought I might use Penne pasta rather than Fettuccine.

Any help appreciated. 1st timer, don't want to flop.
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Hey you guys left me alone over at the other thread. anyway I posted this. I figured 3oz. fet pp for 250 people.

So that recipe you posted would serve 4.

@Farmrwife ,

Kinda off the top of my head with pencil and post-it. Someone will probably post more exact measurements.

I think 3oz. per person is enough for a side dish. I mean you should be able to do the math. conversion charts online.

I say approx:

16 pounds of real butter

32 quarts of Heavy Cream I wouldn't use whipping cream, just heavy cream 41-42 % fat

4 pounds of grated good Parmesan Cheese

50 pounds of dry Fettuccini noodles

season salt and white pepper, I personally use a little real Garlic powder and pinch of nutmeg

How does that sound? Close. You can also PM one of the professional caterers here, they might answer
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Good Point
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