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Pasta for 250 (1st Timer)

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1st Attempt to cook for crowd.

Alfredo (Side dish)
Main ingredients in recipe I want to use:

1/2 C Butter
2 C Cream
1/4 C Parmesan Cheese
12 oz. Fettuccine

Recipe says will serve 3 as an entree. (I am serving as a side dish)

Please help me determine exact amounts of each ingredient for 250 people.
I made one batch and it seems like a LOT more than 3.

Also, because of prep and serving I thought I might use Penne pasta rather than Fettuccine.

Any help appreciated. 1st timer, don't want to flop.
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A gallon of cream weighs 8.3 lbs

You never said in your original post that this was being served as a side.

More info needed......What's being served along with the alfredo?

For a side I would allow for 7-8 portions per pound of pasta and approx 4 oz of sauce per portion.

Here's where we do some 5th grade math.

2oz of dry pasta x 300 = 600oz 16oz per pound is about 37lbs of pasta. I would cook a minimum of 40, it's cheap and have more dry on hand for back up if it's a bunch of linebackers.

4oz sauce x 300 = 1200 oz 128 oz per gallon 9.3 gallons cream Again I would have at least 12-15 on hand.

Something to remember, if the pasta is not served immediately, it will start sucking up your sauce, leaving you short. So keep that in mind.

I'll leave the rest for you.
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