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Pasta for 250 (1st Timer)

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1st Attempt to cook for crowd.

Alfredo (Side dish)
Main ingredients in recipe I want to use:

1/2 C Butter
2 C Cream
1/4 C Parmesan Cheese
12 oz. Fettuccine

Recipe says will serve 3 as an entree. (I am serving as a side dish)

Please help me determine exact amounts of each ingredient for 250 people.
I made one batch and it seems like a LOT more than 3.

Also, because of prep and serving I thought I might use Penne pasta rather than Fettuccine.

Any help appreciated. 1st timer, don't want to flop.
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Yes, I asked a similar question but did not receive an answer that was acceptable.
I think most thought it would be an entree and also they answered with unbelievable weights.
Therefore, I would like to see if anyone can figure the proper equations.
Yes, I did ask a similar question. However, the answers were based on an entree not a side dish. The equations given were unbelievable. Cream by the pound - I don't think I could purchase it by weight, etc.
I'd like to see if anyone could really help me.
ChefBuda - Thank you for your help. I went with 36 lbs of pasta and made an additional batch of sauce to put on the pasta which had absorbed all the sauce. I served Roasted TriTip, Alfredo, Green Salad, Fresh Fruit Salad and a breadstick. The TriTip and Alfredo were the hit. Everyone said it was the best they'd had.

ChefLayne - Sorry I wasn't more informative the first time. But your information helped me figure out what I needed. Thanks!

Fablesable - I understand you are professional Chefs, however, I new at this site and through trail and error I'm figuring it out. I did fail to say my dish would be a side. I had the event to do just this past weekend and not being a Chef, I wasn't thinking of ALL that was needed to help. However, I'm very appreciative of the help I got. I did use penne instead of fettuccini, great suggestion. Since this was a wedding I made fettuccini for only the wedding party since it was the brides request. You were correct, the penne worked out SO MUCH better. Thanks!

Panini - you nailed my sauce. Thanks!

Flipflopgirl - I had two action stations and we fed everyone in 30 minutes. Probably slow for professionals but that I'm not and neither were my help. I did use your tongs idea, baked the pasta, and used extra sauce just before serving, perfect. I only worried about the side because everything else was so easy and I didn't have any involvement with dessert. Thanks for being so helpful.
Oh, we grow walnuts.

Thank All Ya'll for helping a foolish home cook to pull off what looked to everyone else like a pro's job. I would have been lost and probably in tears without all your assistance. You are the greatest!
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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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