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I know that commercial mayonaise, like one finds in the jar, is made with pasteurized eggs, but I also know that it bears little resembalence to what happens if one makes one's own mayonaise. It's the difference between a tasty sauce and a sandwitch condiment.

However, and herein lies the question... if one makes one's own mayonaise with pasteurized eggs that are now readily available in milk-like cartons, which is the result closest to? It seems to me that homemade mayonaise's tastiness extends largely from the kind of oil used, and pasteurized eggs might not adversely affect it. Has anyone tried this? Furthermore, if one does use pasteurized eggs, does this extend the shelf life of mayonaise significantly? Using raw eggs is not only worrisome on its own, but one can only keep the stuff around for a day or two. How great would it be to have a safe, consistant supply of aiuile on hand, eh?

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