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Pastry chefs "or not" and wine

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When you incredible pastry people create your luscious desserts,What are some types of wine you find appropriate for your dessrts ETC.

When I prepare desserts with Chocolate..I always think "port" and when I do something with caramel I think "sautern" or the like.
But thats what I like to drink with certian things. What do you like to cook with?
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Port and Sauternes have distinctive flavors on their own, and I almost feel as though if I tamper too much with it, I'm doing it a disservice. I might use a wine like that to marinate fruits, or to finish off a sauteed dessert. I might even soak a financier in a Sauternes syrup. But I've never gone much deeper than that. One wine that I've only tasted a couple of times, which falls into the same flavor category, is Tokay. Again, I wouldn't take it too far away from it's original state. It's just too special on its own.

This is an area where I still have a lot to learn.
Yes, I'm referring to the Hungarian Tokai, Tokaj, Tokay...

I use liqueurs much more often than wine in pastry. I love Calvados in apple tarts, Frangelico in a soaking syrup, Creme de Cassis in raspberry sorbet...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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