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Pastry chefs "or not" and wine

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When you incredible pastry people create your luscious desserts,What are some types of wine you find appropriate for your dessrts ETC.

When I prepare desserts with Chocolate..I always think "port" and when I do something with caramel I think "sautern" or the like.
But thats what I like to drink with certian things. What do you like to cook with?
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I assume when you are talking about Tokay you are referring to the Hungarian one. The only reason I point that out is because there is also Tokay from Alsace which is made from pinot gris.

You are right about using high end wines to flavor your desserts. Some Tokays for example can run you a pretty penny, Like the Essensia. The complex make up of this particular wine deserves it's own thread.

However, I am thinking about when you flavor maybe with poire williams or a nut based liguer,frangelico,Calvados,port ECT.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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