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Pastry chefs "or not" and wine

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When you incredible pastry people create your luscious desserts,What are some types of wine you find appropriate for your dessrts ETC.

When I prepare desserts with Chocolate..I always think "port" and when I do something with caramel I think "sautern" or the like.
But thats what I like to drink with certian things. What do you like to cook with?
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great thread....

i really love dessert wines and it's one of the few wine-related areas where i feel like i have any idea of what i'm talking about.

i discovered quite a few excellent dessert wines in italy.

three different varietals are produced in sicily. malvasia, zibbibo, and muscato. they're really popular there. in fact, some kind of liquor with dessert is pretty much the norm there. in the restaurant i worked, we sold certain desserts with a glass of something included. you couldn't order cantucci (which are like the small, traditional almond biscotti) without getting a glass of zibbibo to dip them into. and we did a chocolate canoli that we served with a glass of whisky.

and, of course, they go so well with foie gras as well. at one place i worked we served a slice of our foie gras "torchon" with kracher gelee, which we'd dice fine and then pipe onto the plate. it really worked well with the foie and it looked like little jewels on the plate.
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