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I need help!!!
it's been a month since I started browsing all the pastry schools in the world and I have narrowed it down to 4:
Ferrandi - Paris
Le Cordeon Bleu - Paris
ENSP - yssingeux
Le cordeon bleu- London

I just found out le cordeon bleu london has no internship for students on a student visa. Sucks!

Ferrandi and le cordeon bleu look promising but is it me or does everyone feel like le cordeon bleu has become too commercial.

ENSP sounds promising too but it's apparently in the middle of nowhere and a few students who went there did complain about appliances not working and sometimes even the lights. The only thing that's gotten me so interested are the modern pastries taught. way more modern than Ferrandi and Le cordeon bleu paris. I have literally stalked students who graduated from all 3 schools and their pictures said it all.

I live in DUBAI and I know the basics, but I want to learn more. I want creative modern Desserts like the ones they make at savour school in Australia or For example Antonio Bachour Inspired pastries.

Please if anyone has attended any of these schools, just tell me what they teach. share pictures. Anything.
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