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Are you a perfectionist?

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Perfectionists? [Y/N]

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How many of us out there consider your selves perfectionists?
Will you rant on and on about how the sugar that was supplied to you was much too coarse for use in a cake?
Does it bother and irk you that you weren't provided with proper tools to create?
Do you look at your finished product and just stare for hours on end looking for faults?

Sometimes in this business, it does pay off to be a perfectionist but some people just over do it sometimes to the point where they're disecting everything until its perfect. Are you one of these people?

I don't consider myself a perfectionist but it does bother me to **** if something goes awry wrong and I don't know why. I'll spend days to weeks pounding my head on the wall until it hurts
so I can understand and be able to avoid future issues. I for one am not a perfectionist but I think I'm boarderlined.
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I had to say yes.
If it's my food then it's my name and it's my reputation.
Now for staff and family that's a different story.:D

I know what you're saying Kelly,

I did the same type of thing for a hotel in Denver. My outlet was alowed to run 45% food cost because it was the "gem" of the establishment but we couldn't charge more than $35 for an entree.
Now I'm at a country inn in Vermont my food cost is theoreticaly 33%. I say theoreticaly because the innkeepers eat b-fast, lunch and dinner there and between them and the more than occational visit from their grown up kids they eat alot of profits.:rolleyes: I get payed well, I tell them they are eating profits, they understand and don't mind.?>?,/?
As long as they don't try to make me cut corners I somehow bear it. It does drive me nuts on occasion.

Anywho. My point is that I am still a perfectionist with what I have and I have a feeling you are to. To run a restaurant that has returning guests you need to be. If your cesar salad is different every day because of slacky cooks not following the recipe the guest will stop ordering it. Consistency is key.
I change my menu weekly but for that week the items need to be consistent. That is where my perfectionism is needed. Also in the style of service. We have casual service with fine dinning cuisine. Casual does not mean sloppy it means relaxed so there is even more perfectionism.

God! Did I type all of that?!?!?

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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