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Great post Suzanne, thanks!

A couple of things I wonder about:

- Couldn't you just have a price list instead of negociating everything with the client? I can't remember who once said that, maybe Shroom.. Otherwise, I can see what a stressful experience it must be. It gives the client the impression that they can haggle every time you come over.

- What do you do with the 3/4 celery and half bag of carrots you haven't used? Leave it in the client's fridge? If they don't cook, won't it be spoiled by the time you come over next time?

- How often do you rotate your menus? Or do you always cook something different for your client?

- What would be a standard pricing equation? Groceries + travel + labour + markup + tax? What's a typical markup?

I'll have more questions I'm sure.. :)
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