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My favorite piecrust recipe is one that I have used for over 40 years.  I've modified it some, but it's my perfect pie crust every time.  Like the others who have posted, I prefer to work the pastry dough by hand.

6 cups flour (I like to use cake and pastry flour)

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1 pound of vegetable shortening 

1 egg

2 tbsp vinegar


Mix the dry ingredients together

Cut the shortening into small chunks

Using a pastry blender work the shortening into the flour mixture slowly until it is all mixed and the shortening is 'pea sized'.  You will be able to take a handful and squeeze it - it should stick together.

Beat the egg is a one cup measuring cup, add the vinegar and fill the cup with water

Add this to the pastry mixture and blend, using a light hand.  When the pastry and egg are completely mixed, separate into four balls and wrap each in plastic wrap.  This recipe will give you enough pastry dough for four pies.  I usually freeze three and chill the one I want to use for about 30 minutes before I roll it out.

Happy Baking!  
1 - 1 of 58 Posts
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