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I was not happy with the result. I crushed some pineapple, let the NY strip sit in it for 1 hour and 40 minutes. Everything looked OK, but the steak would not form the usual crusty sear. It was tender, but in tasting it, though it didn't taste like pineapple, it didn't taste exactly like steak either, and didn't taste good at all.

Given this experience I have to wonder why this method would ever be suggested. Anyone ever had success with this, or anything similar?
I had COMPLETE SUCCESS, and each and every time!!! How thick was your cut and how much pineapple did you use? I use fresh (I like to eat them so when I skin them, vertically, I am left with the skin out but a good size of the inside I use to smother my steak in - overnight - and it NEVER fails!!!! Best, natural and not salty, way to tenderize a meat! Not sure why the others failed at it??? And no, NO PINAPPLE taste residue left, at all!!! You must know your spices, maybe? It was the best thing I ever learned to tenderize meat!! (Better than the kiwi option because of the seeds that become annoying to remove?) BEST USED FOR stir fry and small cut but if you want your steak whole, if you marinate it in pinapple, you should grill it with a much much higher temperature to have the outside sear well (and stay firm) while the inside is tender? I tried both cuts and it's been a success!
Can't cook meat before a pineapple 'bath" anymore. What a difference! Success!
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