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Yes, I always salt [and pepper also] my steaks ahead, typically 12-24 hours ahead of cooking, and I have heard it has a mild tenderizing affect. Different flavor profile if you season just an hour before cooking, sometimes I prefer it that way. No salt residue in the pan when you go 12+.

Funny KK, I heard asian pear, onion soy and honey is a pretty standard Korean marinade for beef, but as substitutes for the AP regular pears were not listed, rather kiwi, rice wine and one or two others.
This is true for bulgogi, but I usually use thin sliced ribeye or beef short ribs. I've heard kiwi and pear can substitute Asian pear but have not tried it as I can get Asian pears here. I would also be curious how thick your strip steak was. Some recipes call for dabbing the marinade off the meat slightly before grilling to achieve a crust.
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