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Hi - We are remodeling our kitchen, and I am trying to decide between the Capital Culinarian and the Bluestar RCS 6 burner ranges. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience making pizza in either of these ovens?  I currently have a 15 year old electric coil range that actually works pretty well for high heat pizza making.  I use a pizza steel, and have found that if I preheat the oven at 500 for an hour with the steel on the top rack, then crank the broiler a couple of minutes before the pie goes in, I can get pretty good heat.  The pie bakes in about three minutes, and the crust has a nice spring and decent char on the bottom.

I've read that the Bluestar broiler cycles off when the oven temp hits 500, so I couldn't use the same technique.  Is this true?  Does anyone have any success using the either of these ovens for pizza baking?  All these safeguards are pretty annoying.  I realize that i'm never going to be able to make neopolitan pizza in a home oven, but it sure would be nice if I could get the oven hotter than 500. Thanks for your help!
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