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Hi Guys

So I am starting a bit of diet soon and would like some help at least making the food taste decent.

Here is what I am most concerned about giving some flavour

-Ostrich mince


I am going to combing the mince and fish with either rice or bulgur wheat.

I am allowed to use any herbs,spices and veggies to add flavour, so far alI I have to add to the mince is yellow bell pepper (don't know what else to add). As for the fish so far its just plain bland fish. Any advice will really be appreciated

Oh and one more thing I would like to know is, how many grams does one bell pepper make when its chopped up

Thanks guys
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Great question and I am sure you are going to get lots of answers as to what you can do. Are the parameters of the diet strict to just herbs, spices and veg? Are you allowed to use ANY sauces like Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, tamari, etc?? How about ANY butter, oils or fats??
Is this a gluten, egg, soy, dairy, nut free style diet as well??

Just asking to get a better picture is all. I personally have had to make all sorts of diets ranging from paleo, ketogenic, SCD, GAPS, FODMAP, LCHF, vegan, vegetarian, etc so I have tons of recipes I can PM you with. Just give me a heads up on the specifics.

I know that 1 cup of chopped bell pepper is approximately 160g. You will have to chop up a pepper and weigh it yourself to get your weight in grams. Invest in a small digital scale. They are not expensive and can really help you in the kitchen when dealing with diet weights and amounts.

Thanks for the reply, I can use Worcestershire sauce but that's like the only thing I can use, so it pretty much is herbs and spices, it doesn't need to be gluten,egg and nut free.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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