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Hello everyone! I am not a professional chef but I have always loved cooking, especially Chinese cuisine. This summer, I'm hoping to enroll in a noodle-making school in Lanzhou, China, a city famous for its hand-pulled noodles. There are a number of noodle-making schools in the city and all seem to charge about 600 EUR for one month of classes followed by a 1-3 week internship, with room and board included. They seem to be quite flexible about people just dropping by for, say, 2 weeks of study as well. (i.e. no need to commit to the full month+)

I'm really excited about studying this skill, but I am nervous about being the only foreigner and also possibly the only woman in my class. I speak decent Chinese, but I think this adventure would be 100 times more fun if I could share it with a friend.

So, I have two questions for this group:

1.) Anyone here have any experience with studying Chinese noodle techniques and have any advice for me?

2.) Anyone interested in enrolling this summer for 2-7 weeks of noodle science lessons?
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