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So heres what i did two days ago,after i seasoned my chicken breasts i stuffed them with smoked turkey slices (not a fan of ham) and some mozzarella cheese (dont have swiss) i battered them with flour,seasoned egg, and bread crumbs. I also did another batch with panko. I baked them in the oven for 35 minutes. Then, i put them in the freezer after i left them to cool. Today i wanted to fry them. The batter was almost gonna burn,i even tried to start frying with less heat but the chicken and filling was still very cold in the center.this recipe was successful when i fried the chicken right away without freezing before. What can i do to defrost fast without having to leave it in the fridge over night? Is there a way to cook the chicken thoroughly in the fryer?

And i have the same question for home made burger patties. How can i thaw big batches fast? Putting them in water seems inconvenient for me as i like to season my meat when forming it rather than on the fryer. I sometimes also fill with cheese in the middle (the kids like the surprise!).

I appreciate all answers and help

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