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Amazing the things we talk about here!

Try using a pair of very sharp scisssors. Start by holding the thick end of the stem in your left hand and with open scissors, shear your way up the stalk. Turn the stem a quarter turn and repeat. Just watch the leaves fall away from the stems.

Food stylists use a particular brand of scissors called "Joyce Chen" shears. They have short, narrow blades and large, padded handles and are sharp as the dickens!. They can do heavy cutting, like through dowels, or very fine snipping, like just the curly tips of parsley leaves--both with excellent precision.

After a few years of use, they do become dull, but at only $20 a pair, they are worth it. I wouldn't be without them. I'm always amazed at how infrequently chefs use a pair of scissors or shears. Heck, if a tool works and makes the job faster, easier and more precise, why not use it?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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