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Post- COVID culinary work?

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Despite my best efforts to stay healthy, I was diagnosed with COVID last week and I'm concerned about what's ahead once I recover. Physically, I'm having no issues (for me, it's just been like a mild cold), but the major issue that has come up for me is that my sense of taste and smell are pretty much gone. I still have almost two weeks before I'm allowed to leave isolation, but I'm concerned that my senses of taste and smell won't come back even once I'm officially recovered. A friend of mine had COVID about a year and a half ago and she mentioned that her sense of smell only just came back.

Does anyone here have experience with cooking after a COVID infection? I'd like to continue working as a cook, but I'm also not sure how I'd feel about working when I can't even taste my own cooking.
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You won't know until you know... Some people get their smell (and taste) back, some don't, and some have it go on and off like a flashing light... I'm not sure if I could cook if I couldn't verify the flavors of what I'm cooking....
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