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everything I ever knew about crackling is wrong... LIKE:

dry the skin in an open container in the walk in. Salt over oil. Blast at 250, then reduce the heat to 200 to finish..... (classic style)

hang the belly for a week in the walk in, then mix salt and vinegar and rub it into the skin, start it at 250C for twenty minutes then (asian style)

all wrong

I worked in a Kitchen in Cairns with an Austrian. He crackled the pork AFTER the roast. He never told me anything but that.

I noticed there was a lot of liquid in the gastro pan and foil traces on the edges.

Tonight I roasted a rolled leg slowly with a cup of water under a foil cover. When internal was 67C, I removed the cover and ran the combi up to 260C. Put the joint back in and VOILA!

Puffy crackling like scratchings.

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