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My husband is an avid hunter and goose is plentiful in Marysville but no one shoots them because we don't know how to cook them. We have checked many goose recipes but everytime I try a recipe the goose is tough and ill tasting. Hope you might offer us some help.

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Assuming that you've bled the bird right away, let it rest a while, and cleaned it thoroughly --

Try marinating it (wine, spices, chopped carrots, onions, celery, etc.) for a day or more in the fridge. Then braise it using the strained marinade as part or all of your liquid. Wild large birds tend to be very lean, and so not the best to roast. But between the marinating (to add flavor and break down tissue) and braising (moist heat and slow cooking will make it tender), you should end up with something pretty delectable. Let us know what you end up doing!

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Suzenne gives you excellent advice.

Unfortunalty you can not determan a gooses age by it's size, Believe it or not geese can range from under 1 year old to as old as 25.

I have found that the younger geese skin is softer then the older birds (uncooked). with 11 subspecies ranging from duck size ((cackling Canada) to over 20 # (giant canada) and some old birds being small and young birds being large (ugh!!) I tend to cook my goose till medium rare and only serve the breast sliced very thin on a bias.If you find you have a young tender bird that's a bonus because you can enjoy the legs,thighs and wings. But I usually make a cassorole or curry with those cuts.

Let me share with you a recipe I use at times when I am sure I have and old bugger.

1 goose cut into pieces
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil (or conola)
2 cups chicken stock
1 cup beef stock
or 3 cups goose stock if you have it.
2 tablespoons A1 sauce
3 tablespoons dry sherry
a little fresh margeram and thyme
Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper
2 bay leaves
3 tablespoons slurry (water and corn starch)
1# kiln dried cherries
2 table spoons brandy.
dredge the goose in the seasoned flour and brown in the butter and oil in a dutch oven or oven proof pan,brown a few pieces at a time, deglaze with the sherry,add the stock (hot) A1,herbs S&P and bay leaves,return the goose to the pan,cover and place in a 325* oven for at least 2 1/2 hours,until tender.remove the goose pieces add your cherris,bring to a shimmer,skim any fat then add your slurry and brandy.stir over heat till slightly thickned,pop the goose back in the sauce and baste for about 15 sure to adjust your seasoning at this time. just plate it up and serve more sauce on the side.
you don't need to use the sherry or brandy if you so desire but just scale the stock up .
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