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Hello, I am new to this forum. I am a young culinary professional. I went trough secondary culinary school that lasted 3 years and private culinary school in Italy called Alma. I have about 6 years of experience altogether. Recently I've got a job in The Alps still organising myself to travel there. For the last year, i have been working in Ireland and me don't like it very much cause it's very boring for me, I lost much of my will and haven't been learning a lot or involving up there and that's why I am scared about a new place. I have worked in some good fine dining places before came to Ireland, but still, it feels like I have forgotten stuff and my skills are not quite sharp as they have been before. 

The place in Italian alps is run with really good michelin starred chef. With some of his pictures, I saw he posts from his small kitchen, that he is really on a level of latest trends and concepts of the modernist kitchen. So the question I am asking here is how should I prepare myself for that kitchen so I can perform the best way possible? Cause for me that place kind of place is all I ever wanted to do like ever since I started my career. The hotel I was working in was doing big weddings and its all factory made products, I was mostly going around prepping salads and starters, they didn't let me cook much, very very closed minded community if you mess up something they won't let you do it again for weeks.
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