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Preserving apples!

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I love apples mid winter and the ones that have been in storage are bland/mealy to me. So I like to get a good cooking apple and can them for use until spring fruits start. Today was a peck of Haralson apples that I peeled and sliced(gotta love old fashioned kitchen gadgets for this!) on the peeler/corer/slicer. Packed into jars with a medium syrup then water bath canned for 20 minutes. Shelf stable and will easily store for a couple years but they never last that long around me!

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I do pints because I am cooking for one person. Both pints and quarts process for 20 minutes. Make sure to use a medium or light syrup because the sugar is the preservative for these. I make little mini pies so I don't have a ton of leftover pie(and so I don't have to eat a whole pie in 3-4 days!). I found some 6 inch pie plates on amazon a couple years ago.
I have a major shortage of freezer space and canned they are shelf stable!
I eat the bulk of them right from the jar.... I am to lazy to bake a pie most of the time! Canning them plain gives me a lot more options when I use them. I am not limited by how I spiced them in the jar.
I do make a lot of apple crisp, like it better than pie! Something else that is good is drain the liquid into a pan, reduce and thicken it, chop and add the apples back to heat through then pour it over ice cream. Some cinnamon and nutmeg are good when making the syrup.
17 more pints made for the pantry! Thinking at least one more batch of apples and I should be set for the year! Takes about 2 1/2 hours start to finish so it is a chore!
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