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Preserving apples!

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I love apples mid winter and the ones that have been in storage are bland/mealy to me. So I like to get a good cooking apple and can them for use until spring fruits start. Today was a peck of Haralson apples that I peeled and sliced(gotta love old fashioned kitchen gadgets for this!) on the peeler/corer/slicer. Packed into jars with a medium syrup then water bath canned for 20 minutes. Shelf stable and will easily store for a couple years but they never last that long around me!

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If you mainly use them for pie go ahead and make them up into filling.

My Gma would do this then process in jars.

No freezer space necessary...


Do you like mincemeat?

A lot of work but the reward is there when you pop the seal...... I eat it straight from the jar lol.

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I eat the bulk of them right from the jar.... I am to lazy to bake a pie most of the time! Canning them plain gives me a lot more options when I use them. I am not limited by how I spiced them in the jar.
Fair enuf.....
You will get this then..... after posting yesterday had such a craving for mincemeat I had to go comb the grocery shelves for some.
Came home with 3 jars and couldn't even wait for them to get cold..... opened one and attacked the contents with an ice tea spoon lolol.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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