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Preserving apples!

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I love apples mid winter and the ones that have been in storage are bland/mealy to me. So I like to get a good cooking apple and can them for use until spring fruits start. Today was a peck of Haralson apples that I peeled and sliced(gotta love old fashioned kitchen gadgets for this!) on the peeler/corer/slicer. Packed into jars with a medium syrup then water bath canned for 20 minutes. Shelf stable and will easily store for a couple years but they never last that long around me!

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I agree. I have the same one. Use it every year.  A great invention. 

Mary, are those quarts or pints? Think I'll be canning apple pie filling, apple sauce.

Do quarts get water bathed for 20 minutes or longer? 
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