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Hello PDT816, and welcome.

I don't know THE answer, but I would try to go with natural products when I can--especially when it concerns my family, and in my opinion we are ALL family.

I was thinking, what about beets? A reduced beet puree? I think the amount you would have to use (very little probably), would not intimidate the flavor a bit with all that sugar, instead, it would add a unique quality to your baking. No? OK, hou bout this site I found on Food Coloring Agents . It Looks like they have some good ideas and some crushed rose petals sounds elegant. You could say, "Don't you hate those Really Red icings with fake food coloring" to your guests, and then explain how you USE roses and how much more natural it looks. Hmmm? Anyway, Good luck and no matter what you do, remember we all love a good post. Thanks.

P.S. Beware the ever-present RED#40 :eek: :mad: :eek:

*This message was brought to you by Red Dye-40 , Driving Mom's MAD since whenever it was that we began to sneek it into everything.

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